It’e been hard trying to figure out what to write about lately, after all this is mostly a blog about my travels and I’ve been home now for two months. I’ve been out of a job for a few weeks now and I’m beginning to get the old feelings of apathy and ambivalence creeping up again. So I’ve decided to start a few projects to give me a sort of goal.

The first is called the 365 Project. Basically, you have to upload a photo for every single day of the year. A photo taken during your day. You can see them on my flickr.

The second is forthcoming, it might be a while…


I’ve become obsessed with a tv program that’s been running for the last five years which I have only just discovered. Run’s House follows Joey Simmons (otherwise known as, Rev Run of Run DMC) and his family. I’m not normally drawn in to reality television at all as it tends to be absolute drivel targeting the lowest common denominator in a market which seems to debase itself further and further each year. /rant

Anyway, Run’s House follows in the vain of The Osbournes. Rev Run and family go about their daily business in the same way that the Osbournes did (do?) without acknowledging the cameras. The result is a very funny look into the Simmons family who are far more grounded and intelligent than a rap superstars family has any right to be. That’s not to say that they aren’t a little spoiled, his son JoJo in particular is a bit arrogant, but no more so than some people I’ve met who had no right to be. The Simmons daughters, Vanessa and Angela, are really very funny and were so popular with fans that they eventually got their own show, Daddy’s Girls. (Also good)

You can see a sample here, stick with it for a bit, it’s not serious like this makes it seem at first:

You should be watching it, it’s good television.

Gushing over, back to your usual business…

My new favourite thing on the internet. The awesome, awesome Garfunkel and Oates. Here they are singing “Me, You and Steve”

As well as the hilarious “Self Esteem”

Check out the rest of their videos here.

Mario and Luigi as imagined by a bunch of different artists.

The Day The Saucers Came a (very) short story by Neil Gaiman.

The Last Guardian trailer. The new game from Japan Studio, the same people who made Ico and Shadow of the Colossus.

And lastly, see how long it takes you to complete this simple game, Today I Die

Just testing embedding an image, had to figure out how to do it. Then I thought I might as well leave the pic up, because frankly, Summer Glau is welcome anywhere. Hey, at least it wasn’t a dildo.

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A Softer World

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