I got the opportunity to watch some French television in a hotel the other night (after being stranded in a little place and going nowhere). I basically watched the music channel alot and strangely they showed some old Dragon Ball cartoons on it too. Not even Dragon Ball Z. The original one with the really bad animation. Anyway, there was a few songs I really enjoyed and thought I´d share them.

Martin Solveig – Boys and Girls – I dunno if this one is out in England too, but it´s like a better version of Calven Harris´s stuff.

Psy 4 De La Rime – On Sait Mais on Fait – This is a french rap group, I dunno what the lyric mean but the beat is good and the video is exceptional.

113 feat Jamel Debbouze – Celebration No one else will probably lke this one. It´s a rap group again, with what I think is a famous French comedian. I enjoyed it anyway, and it´s very popular there.